Fireflies Technical Information

These lovely Art Heritage Fireflies decorative Displays and Screens use the latest LED 'long -life' lighting technology with up to 10 Years/100,000 Hours continuous running.

Beautiful stained glass effect illuminated displays creating a living gem in any room.

Ideal for any time of the year.

Italian frames wood surrounds

Housed within high quality hand-crafted Italian wooden frames in Single or Twin Panel units, these innovative illuminated displays feature a wide choice of beautiful Tiffany stained glass images as well as a whole Library of famous Fine Art images which can be viewed on our Art Gallery section.

LED lighting panels

Fireflies LED displays are slimline just 10mml thick, yet they are durable and tough for shipping, and are safe and energy saving. Low Heat LED'sproduce only a small amount of heat present models are just 2.4 Watts, well under the normal 40 Watt light bulb! High quality and made to ISO 9000 specification. Environmentally friendly - the LED's are formed from natural light crystals.

LED's use up to 78% less energy than traditional lighting.

High Quality Images

The Fine Art images, for which Art Heritage pays a Royalty, are printed on special film which means they look lovely both when lit and unlit.

Protective Glass Effect Cover

Your Art Heritage images are complimented and protected by a satin finish non-reflective "glass effect" cover. Tough and non breakable.

Fireflies Dimensions

The Single Display ( free-standing unit )

Height 23.5 "/600mml x Width: 15 1/4" /385 mm. X D: 1.1/4" 32mml.

The Twin Panel Display

Height 21"/530mml x Width: 17"/430 mm. X D:30mml1 1/4" /32mml.

World Voltages

Plug in Around the World : Voltages vary – No problem !

Every Fireflies unit comes with a simple plug-in Adapter (220/240V) or Dual Volt (110V/240V) Transformer, which is ideal for the voltage in your Country. Included in the price, it connects to the Fireflies Display and into your local outlet. Art Heritage will automatically choose the relevant model for your part of the World.

For the Majority of World : ( is on 220/240V ) such as :-

Europe & Great Britain, Australasia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia & China
- your Fireflies comes with a plug-in (220V/240V) Adapter.

For Countries ( on 110V/100V ) such as :-

USA, Canada and Japan, Phillipines
- your Fireflies come with a Dual Voltage (220/110V) Transformer and your relevant plug.

These Art Heritage Designs : Fireflies lluminated Displays & Screens are
Designed and Manufactured in Great Britain.”