About Art Heritage Designs - Illuminated Displays and Fire Screens *

Art Heritage Designs, located in Berkshire was established in 2004, has created a new product concept, namely slimline decorative illuminated Displays and Fire Screens in Home Interiors.

These beautiful hand-crafted Fireflies Displays & Screens feature an extensive choice of prestigious Fine Art pictures (for which we pay a Royalty) and in addition your choice of other images reproduced on special film to a high standard and using the latest LED 'long-life' and energy efficient technology (see 'Technical Information').

The creative warmth of light within the Fireflies Displays enhances this living gem - the focal point of any room or dark corner or alcove throughout the year and the Fine Art images can be easily chosen and replaced from our Art Gallery should taste or decor change - beautiful when lit or unlit.

Customised Fireflies for your Home

Special Sizes:
We are happy to advise and quote on our versatile Fireflies decorative Displays and Screens - specially tailored in a size to compliment the interior design of your Home, holiday home, conservatory and other locations.

Available as : Single, Twin or Three Panel free standing Screens and Displays

Artists & Frame surrounds:
Also, your favourite Artist not in our Galleries ? - no problem, we can
search and suggest examples of their work from our extensive and prestigious Art Library.

Plus: choice of Modern & Traditional frame surrounds.

Contact us for more information.

We are dedicated to our Customers satisfaction and welcome any comments or suggestions please e mail us at enquiries@fire-flies.co.uk

* These Fire screens are for decorative purposes only and are not heat resistant.